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Emily is an independent artist who writes, records and produces all her songs. Emily currently is working on her EP I'm Still Here which will be released as a digital release online at her MyMusicStream , Myspace, iLike Page and SoundClick on the August 22, 2010. Emily's first single is "Recall" and the track listing is as follows:
  1. Recall
  2. I's Still Here
  3. It's You That I Want
  4. You Know
  5. My Fairytale Dream
  6. So Confused
  7. In You
  8. Roxy (Bonus Track)
You can listen to her first single "Recall" below.

For full Discography, click here.

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The Luscious Angel's (Band Information)

Short Band Bio.


The band originated in 2006 as the lucious angels. Lead singers were Emily and Alison, keyboard was Natalie,guitar was Tasha and drums was Claire. The lucious angels lead singers even starred in there own movie. Later in 2008, The band split , but Emily and Alison were keen to re-create there band. So, then the got Monique for back-up vocals, Isabella for the violin,and Shayneene for guitar. The first performed at there Graduation.

 You might know my band as the Luscious angels. We have recently renamed the band to "Payback".

Luscious angels band website- www.lusciousangels.wetpaint.com

You can hear one of our Luscious Angels songs at my mypace at www.myspace.com/emilyagius

Band Information.

You might know my band as the luscious angels.We have resently renamed the band he "Payback".
Payback is a new Australian band of newcomers, we rock and we are soon to be discovered.The band members are:
* Emily(me)-  Lead singer
* Alison - Lead singer
*Isabella - Violin
*Monique - back up singer
*Shayneene - guitarist.

Contact me (Emily) from the band by going on www.youtube.com/user/emilyagiusPersonal or contact Isabella at http://au.youtube.com/user/izzii639