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Welcome to Emilla Maraz (Emily Agius' ) new website.  Feel  free to have a great look around.Scroll down this page and find out more info on me!
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This is the official website of Emily Agius - the singer/actress/dancer. 

From a little talented girl to working towards being a professional dancer , Emilla Maraz  was born in  Sydney, Australia. From a young age,she stared putting in practice for her career. She took dancing lessons at the age of 4 and performed at her dancing concert at a local RSL club. In 2003 , Emily did Gymnastics and She is still good at it now. In 2005 , Emily auditioned for the TV show Jrock. She got in but  unfortunately , her act got canceled. She auditioned for Jrock again in 2006 and got in. Jrock is a dancing / acting show aired on  Nickelodeon. In 2007 Emily auditioned for Jrock and got in as usual. Jrock in 2007 was on Channel 9 network.  In early 2008, Emily booked  place for a cameo appearance for the show" The New Inventors" on ABC Australia. Emily appeared in 2 episodes. In around April/May 2008, Emily got an offer from Nickelodeon to be a part of a TV show called "Camp Orange" but declined it. Later in 2008, I auditioned for Jrock and got in. This time Jrock was aired on Ovation Channel. In 2009, Emily got the offer to perform at Disneyland Los Angeles, but because of scheduling difficulties , she had to decline. Emily is a good choreographer,dancer,singer and actress.

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---------- On stage/ Live appearances.-----------

Dance Concert at RSL (at age 4)
Talent quest's at school (2004,2005,2006,2007,2008.)

Jrock live audience @ State Sports Centre,Hombush,Sydney . (2006 , 2007, 2008.)

Blue Gum Lodge at Penrith (in 2007)

Talent quest at local libary ( 2008-I won)

Dance Camp At local dance hall( 2008-also performed there).

H.F.P.S idol top 12 with Alison (2008)

Remake production(theater) of the book and movie "5 Times Dizzy"(2008).

Dance performances - class dance(2002-2008), extention contemporary and extension hip-hop (2008)

So you think you can dance workshop concert 22nd/07/09

Creative and Performing Arts Night Solo Performance 25/11/09

 Dance concert at RSL club on December 20th 2009.

UDC Workshop Concert Early 2010

Mid Year Concert July 3rd 2010.

SDC Workshop concert 16th July 2010.

See all appearance on Performance Page

-------------TV shows / appearances.--------------

Jrock 2006 On Nickelodeon.
ABC news - small appearance
Jrock 2007 On channel 9.
"The New Inventors" ABC channel - cammo appearance-
                               * 3 times on May 7th (8pm) episode
                               * another 3 on epidsode aired on 14th May (8pm)

Jrock 2008 on Ovation Channel.

Australia's Funniest Home Videos 2010 (Not aired yet)

Saturday Disney airing 29/05/10

Full Appearances on the Projects Page.

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