Emilla Maraz
Hey Guys!

I realised i haven't written a blog since early 2010, and so much has happened since then!! I feel kinda bad I've abandoned this blog :L Anyways, if you've been checking out my other websites and social networks, you should be up to date with everything that has been happening. 

I'm not going to go into too much detail on all the recent success i've had, but let me say 2010 was the most successful and life changing year for me. I finally made my debut as a singer/songwriter with my independent release of my 8 Track EP "I'm Still Here" which i am so proud of. I also released a 3 Track EP "Songs From Two Days" which is awesome as well. I am still working on new music... actually, my new single comes out April 17th! It's called "Superficial" and it's from my upcoming EP "Celebrate".

In terms of dancing, I am now a competitive dancer!! I'm full signed in a contract and everything :) I've been in the contract for 8 and a half months now, i train 11 hours a week and compete in competitions and dance at events and tours. I even got to dance on "Saturday Disney" on Channel 7. It felt amazing to get back to dancing on screen, which is where i started back in 2006 :) I'm now at a professional standard and i feel like i've accomplished so much with dancing over the years. 

I didn't do much with acting in 2010, as i was completely focoused on my dance and music career. Although, this year (2011) I've started working on my own webseries "Teen Life" which will be released on Youtube and other internet sites late 2011. The first episode is the only one written yet, so there are no garentees that the project will go through.

Anyways, sorry for the long blog! Thanks for reading and thank you for all the support! :)

- emilla * <3

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