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Hey Guys!
My new Extended Play "Celebrate" will be digitally released on May 5th! I decided to go in a different direction musically. The genre of this EP is electopop and dance pop. The tracklisting is as follows:
1) Get Down Tonight - Written & Produced by E.Agius
2) Swag Up - Written & Produced by E.Agius
3) Party - Written & Produced by E.Agius
4) Superficial - Written & Produced by E.Agius

The album artwork will be released later towards the date. Look out for the EP on www.reverbnation.com/emilyagius www.soundclick.com/emilyagius and my other music stream websites.
Hey Guys!

I realised i haven't written a blog since early 2010, and so much has happened since then!! I feel kinda bad I've abandoned this blog :L Anyways, if you've been checking out my other websites and social networks, you should be up to date with everything that has been happening. 

I'm not going to go into too much detail on all the recent success i've had, but let me say 2010 was the most successful and life changing year for me. I finally made my debut as a singer/songwriter with my independent release of my 8 Track EP "I'm Still Here" which i am so proud of. I also released a 3 Track EP "Songs From Two Days" which is awesome as well. I am still working on new music... actually, my new single comes out April 17th! It's called "Superficial" and it's from my upcoming EP "Celebrate".

In terms of dancing, I am now a competitive dancer!! I'm full signed in a contract and everything :) I've been in the contract for 8 and a half months now, i train 11 hours a week and compete in competitions and dance at events and tours. I even got to dance on "Saturday Disney" on Channel 7. It felt amazing to get back to dancing on screen, which is where i started back in 2006 :) I'm now at a professional standard and i feel like i've accomplished so much with dancing over the years. 

I didn't do much with acting in 2010, as i was completely focoused on my dance and music career. Although, this year (2011) I've started working on my own webseries "Teen Life" which will be released on Youtube and other internet sites late 2011. The first episode is the only one written yet, so there are no garentees that the project will go through.

Anyways, sorry for the long blog! Thanks for reading and thank you for all the support! :)

- emilla * <3
Hey everyone!
This post is a more serious post. This is a message you all need to read and respect

Somehow, people are starting to find my personal email addresses and are sending me inapropriate emails. These are the three most common emails sent to me:

  • People wanting to give me money via the computer. I am not stupid, i know your little scams. Plus, if i wanted to win $40,000, i would enter the lottery. Thanks for the emails, but i don't fall for those silly tricks.
  • People wanting me to give them money. If you want money, get a job, or get a loan from the government. Plus, i don't have money to give to you.
  • People wanting me to send my concern via an email because someone passed away, or has cancer etc. Unfortunelty for you, i know its a fake; trust me i had a year course of internet saftey. Plus, if your situation really is true, im very sorry, but i really can't help you with anything.
Also, on particular fanbases of mine, and emails, people are sending me age inaproppriate emails. I dont read them for starters, i can tell from the spam, plus the subject bar, i don't want to read them. And by the way, i have a different computer that i read emails on, so even if i do get a virus from you, i have 4 other computers in my house.

Thank you s much for your co-operation. if you really do have fan mail for me, send it at emilyagius@aol.com or @emilya90210 me on twitter (I hardley ever ready my AOL emails, so tweeting me is better :) ) So next time you send an email, really think about it.

Lots of Love-
Hey everyone,
I just wanted to update you with a few new things!!

1. I was going to work with Britney Spears' choreographers but i didn't get an invitation. Now i know what it's like to feel rejected.
2. I became a member of the most awesome Emilla Maraz Fan site www.emillamaraz.myfanwebsite.com ! My username is EmillaMaraz. It is so awesome so become a free member today! 3. Over the past 2 weeks, i lived the most embarassing/ saddest weeks of my whole entire life. When I mean embarasing , I mean EMBARASSING!!!! like OMZ moments!!! (OMZ means Oh my zac, you see , zac efron is like my god. lol)

Thanks so much for reading, and for all the support!
Love Emilla.
Hey guys,

You might know me as Emily Agius, but that is not my real name. Emilla Maraz is my real name. Emily Agius is my stage name, which is used in crediting. I'm not sure if I should go by "Emilla Maraz" or "Emily Agius" but either way, I just wanted to formely let you know what my real name is.

Thanks to all-
Emilla Emille Maraz
hey everyone,
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has added me and sent messages to me through youtube, twitter, and myspace. I does mean alot to me, as all the support is fasinating.  Keep sending me messges, and contact me using the contact forum on the "contact" page. I love hearing from people like you. Please continue to give me support and messages.

Love Emily
Hey everyone!

I just found out that I am going to be performing at Disneyland, in Los Angeles in the United States!! It's so exciting because my dream is actually coming true. I've been saving to go to America since I was 10 years old, but for me to actually get this offer is amazing.  I really can't believe it. I really can't.
I will be dancinf there in 2010 , around September, or October. When i get the exact date I will do another blog.
I will also be dancing for 2 days at the edge studio in LA, which is one of the biggest studios in Los Angeles! Is gonna be so cool.
I wanna thank everyone for your support, it means alot to me. I also want to thank my dance teacher Loren, who lets me know of upcoming work.

Thanks so much for reading, and come back for OFFICIAL UPDATES!



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Hello everyone,

Welcome to my official Website. Here, you can find all sorts of information on me. If there is something you would like to know about me, or if you want to ask a question, just go on the contact page and leave me a message there. I really love fan messages from supportive people.
Please help spread the word about me. Ways you can do that is by helping in "Team Emily" On www.emilyprojects.spruz.com . You could also email your friends, or @emilyagius me on twitter. PLEASE spread the word.
Thank you so much, and always come back for OFFICIAL UPDATES!

Emily A